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Category: Golf / Sports Turf

Customer Experience: Bio-Min Saves Money and the Environment

Customer Experience: Bio-Min Saves Money and the Environment Mike Kitchen is a superintendent at Teton Pines Golf & Country Club which is near the Teton National Park and the Yellowstone Valley. He loves his job and the management team at Teton Pines, but like every job, his position does have its challenges. A few years back, Mike was approached by a local environmental group called Friends of Fish Creek (FOFC). Fish Creek is a major tributary of the Snake River and runs through the Teton Pines Golf property. [...] Continue Reading →

Great TurfTech BioMin Review From a 15 year User

Great TurfTech BioMin Review From a 15 year User Soil Tech has been in the microbial business for decades. That gives us a depth of experience that other manufacturers just don't have, and it also gives us a lot of satisfied customers! If you want to know more, click on over to our customer video testimonials on Turftech BioMin and listen to a 15 year user tell us about the many benefits he's seen with this product. Turf color improved right away, and soil and turf quality have continued [...] Continue Reading →

Bio Mega - Customer Review

Bio Mega - Customer Review Our Customers Say it Best! We love our products, of course we do! But when our customers love them so much that they take the time to tell us about it--well that’s something extra special. One of our newest customer testimonials is from Matt Whalen. In a brief video Matt tells us about his experience with Soil Tech’s Bio-Mega. This breakthrough product combines a diverse concentration of beneficial microbials, steroidal saponins and other plant-derived substances to form a total microbial [...] Continue Reading →

Bio-Mega, “A Total Microbial Ecosystem”

Bio-Mega, “A Total Microbial Ecosystem” What is our TurfTech Bio-Mega product all about? How does it work and how can golf course superintendents and other landscape professionals use it to enhance their turf performance? We hope this blog post will answer these questions and inform you about this revolutionary golf and turf product. What is TurfTech Bio-Mega? Steve Nichols, Exec. V.P. of Soil Technologies Corp. recently stated, "TurfTech Bio-Mega is a natural extension to our TurfTech branded products. Since 1986, TurfTech products have been trusted [...] Continue Reading →