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Category: Q&A

How to Kill and Reseed a Lawn with Phydura

At Soil Tech we often get questions from people who want to get rid of their existing lawn and reseed with another variety. Many people want to know if they can replace a lawn without using harsh chemicals, and use an herbicide like Phydura instead. The short answer is "yes," and we have more detailed instructions below. In order to kill the existing lawn, mix 1 part Phydura with 2 parts water (2x1 ratio). Since there is only one shot to [...] Continue Reading →

Q&A How to Re-Start a Lawn Without Conventional Weed Killers

Q&A How to Re-Start a Lawn Without Conventional Weed Killers Q: I have a section of lawn that is in really terrible shape. I would like to kill the existing weeds and grass and start over, but this lawn is part of a playground area, so I don’t want to use conventional weed killers--can you help? A: Phydura is great for this type of situation. Choose a sunny day in fall or spring to spray and be careful that it does not drift onto humans, pets, or any plants you [...] Continue Reading →

Q&A: Microp

Q&A: Microp Q: Will I Be Able to See the Microp Cyanobacteria as it Grows? A: Keep in mind that Microp is a microscopic based microbial technology. Even after some weeks of population growth the colonies of microbes are still most commonly microscopic in nature. The cyanobacteria in the formulation do form chains of cells and will sometimes appear in small colonies or clumps. Cyanobacteria most commonly occupy the lower or bottom of a flooded environment, such as a rice field. (They [...] Continue Reading →